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eFrontPro is a powerful Learning and Talent Development Platform that improves the skills of your people and the competitiveness of your business. It can help you accelerate employee learning & development, ensure compliance training and deliver all the critical training your sector requires. eFrontPro is an effective way of engaging your workforce and achieving organizational goals.

Trusted by hundreds of companies around the world, eFront is a leading enterprise Learning Management System that can support any training scenario, no matter its complexity.
The full-featured LMS engine enables you to deliver employee and extended enterprise training, scalable to any size. Available as a self-hosted or private cloud managed solution, eFront covers advanced security requirements and supports extensive customization needs, making it the best training solution for any enterprise environment and highly regulated industries.


Get total control of your LMS with eFront’s private Cloud solution: the easiest, fastest and most secure route to corporate training success.

Fresh & Powerful

eFront provides a highly customized eLearning experience to fit your brand and preferences. Designed from the ground-up to bring consistency through a responsive, mobile-first design, it works seamlessly across desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

eFront - Fresh and Customizable

Craft courses, Effortlessly

eFront gives you the ultimate flexibility in creating your courses. Create original content using the powerful built-in editor, and add advanced interactivity with the H5P integration. Reuse content you already have like documents, presentations, videos, or SCORM/ Tin Can units. Embed content from YouTube, Wikipedia, Prezi, and other web sources. Effortlessly add tests, quizzes and surveys to make your courses complete.eFront - Fast Course Creation

Unite Online & Offline

Easily manage your online and offline training programs. eLearning courses, classroom training and video conferences are supported as part of a single curriculum. Course prerequisites can be stated and course paths can be managed so that employees must take their modules in the right order. Multiple locations management is included so that employees see exactly where the session is taking place before they enroll.eFront - Online and Offline learning

Adapt your Training

One size rarely fits all -- and with eFront, it doesn't have to. Self-host your LMS on your data-center or opt for our private cloud managed solution and let us take care of installation, configuration, monitoring, and backups, while you just focus on your training program. Take control of your training platform and adapt it to any kind of corporate environment or training scenario using the extensive built-in customization options, powerful plugin API, and comprehensive REST support.

eFront - Easy tracking and reporting

Understand your Stengths & Needs

You don’t have to struggle with managing your employee skills and accreditation. The sophisticated skills management features and certification tools within eFront simplify and automate the process. Gain full insight of your organization's competencies and enter a world of opportunities for managing your training better.eFront - Understand your Strengths and Needs

Evaluate at a Glance

Evaluate your learners’ skills, training performance, and aspirations at the micro and macro level with eFront's full-featured Reporting engine. Leverage the power of training analytics served in the form of comprehensible charts, and capture advanced learning evaluation data with eFront’s Custom Reports.eFront - Evaluation

Gamify the Training Experience

Make your training sessions something that your learners will look forward to with eFront's advanced Gamification engine. Use Points, Badges, and Leaderboards to highlight learner accomplishments and Levels to track your employees’ progress, and make their training a fun and engaging activity.eFront - Gamification

Form Communities for Success

Connect leaders and experts in your organization with other employees to create communities and networks, then leverage their experience and knowledge through collaborative tasks such as mentoring and leadership sessions. Watch as your employee performance, motivation and retention goes up and up. Harness social interaction for the benefit of your organization.eFront - Communities for Success

Supercharge your Extended Enterprise

Extend your training beyond the enterprise to the customer, partner or vendor networks with the advanced features powered by eFront. Serve learning content from a centralized repository to any number of privately branded portals. Each portal can be personalized using distinct skins and features to provide a learning experience appropriate to any target audience.eFront - Gamification