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Corporate Academy

Creating your own corporate academy quick and easy, so you can train your colleagues, customers and partners. Setting up a corporate academy is now affordable and available for every organization.

Content Development Tools

You already have your own learning materials and wish to use this for e-Learning? We offer you an extensive range of possibilities to convert your existing learning materials to e-Learning content or for easy development of new e-Learning content.

Implementation and Development

Correct implementation of e-Learning is crucial for the success of it within your organization. We train, develop and support you and your organization to start your own corporate academy and together we make it to a great success.


Spike Technology Europe supports companies, government, non-profit organisations, charities, educational institutions and schools to set up, develop and further develop their own corporate academies. We do this by using the right solutions and tools. Together we make e-Learning awesome!

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Building up your own academy does not have to be complicated or expensive. We help you choose the best solution for your wishes and needs, and of course your budget.